Vision and Mission - Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya


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Encompass aspects of higher education research and training in building a world-class institution of excellence.

  • Be a top 10 university in India, ranked #1 in its domain and among the top 100 globally.
  • Be an institution of demonstrated global excellence in higher education, research and vocational training, especially for rail and transportation.
  • Be well-known for making a substantial impact on Indian Railways and the transportation sector through its high-quality graduates and innovative research.


Upgrade and sustain high-quality service and operations excellence in Indian transportation, especially Indian Railways.

  • Create a cadre of committed, best-in-class talent that is adept at solving complex problems.
  • Build an ecosystem to facilitate best-in-industry career options; upskill and evolve the capability to cater to new industry demands.
  • Drive R&D efforts to create a knowledge base, and to set and meet international benchmarks and future needs.
  • Foster collaboration between public sector, private industry and academia.
  • Create a digitally-enabled environment that fosters and promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship among students


GSV will uphold the values of academic excellence, nation building, compassion and environmental responsibility.

  • Commitment to innovation and academic excellence: Challenge the status quo through innovation, curiosity and critical thinking to provide indigenous solutions for Indian problems.
  • Dedication to nation building: Build a better mobilized India with a sense of purpose, through a multidisciplinary and research-led approach to problem solving, which contributes to economic and social growth.
  • Compassion towards all individuals and society: Uphold a sense of fairness and equity for all members of society, leading by example and helping others succeed; be committed to self-discovery and purpose.
  • Responsibility towards the environment: Be open to ideas and have empathy towards the environment and the planet, implementing ideas with environmental sustainability in mind.